Affiliate TOS Page

The owner of may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products or services on this website.

This compensation may be in the form of money, services or complimentary products and could exist without any action from a website visitor. Should you purchase a product or service that was recommended by, it is understood that some form of compensation might be made to the owner. For example, if you click on an affiliate link at and then make a purchase of the recommended product or service, owner may receive compensation.

This Compensation Disclosure has been provided for your protection and to fully disclose any relationship between product or service recommendations and the owners of those product or services.


  1. Affiliate acknowledge that they will use the System lawfully,
  2. Accept that all disputes about payments/tracking/transactions/Merchant’s clients are between the Affiliate and the Merchant
  3. In its use of the System, Affiliate shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation laws governing the protection of personally identifiable information and other laws applicable to the protection of Customer Data, including the General Data Protection Act.
  4. Affiliate will not use any forbidden by law and abusive methods of referring visitors to the Merchant’s store
  5. Merchant or Sabastic Global (owner of may terminate the Affiliate’s account if Affiliate is not following its restrictions and/or responsibilities



  1. Acceptable Use. Acceptable Use. Customer shall not: (a) use the System for service bureau or time-sharing purposes or in any other way allow third parties, including Customer’s affiliates, to exploit the System; (b) provide System passwords or other log-in information to any third party; (c) share non-public System features or content with any third party; or (d) access the System in order to build a competitive product or service, to build a product using similar ideas, features, functions or graphics of the System, or to copy any ideas, features, functions or graphics of the System. In the event that it suspects any breach of the requirements of this Section 5.1, including without limitation by Users, Sabastic Global may suspend Customer’s access to the System without advanced notice, in addition to such other remedies as Sabastic Global may have. This Agreement does not require that Sabastic Global take any action against Customer or any User or other third party for violating this Section 5.1 or this Agreement, but Sabastic Global is free to take any such action it sees fit. In addition, Customer shall comply with all restrictions imposed by each merchant in connection with affiliate transactions.
  2. Unauthorized Access. Customer shall take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access to the System, including without limitation by protecting its passwords and other log-in information. Customer shall notify Sabastic Global immediately of any known or suspected unauthorized use of the System or breach of its security and shall use best efforts to stop said breach.
  3. Compliance with Laws. In its use of the System, Customer shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation laws governing the protection of personally identifiable information and other laws applicable to the protection of Customer Data, including the General Data Protection Act.
  4. Users & System Access. Customer is responsible and liable for: (a) Users’ use of the System, including without limitation unauthorized User conduct and any User conduct that would violate the requirements of this Agreement applicable to Customer; and (b) any use of the System through Customer’s account, whether authorized or unauthorized.
  5. Users’ consents –  The customer is responsible and declare that in any case where an explicit consent for providing the services of Sabastic Global is needed by the natural person, such consents shall have been obtained BY the Merchant prior the registration in Sabastic Global website and start using its services. In any case of installment of the plug-ins of Sabastic Global the notification for using the services/for this functionality of the online store/website of the Merchant/the Customer shall be provided by the Merchant/the Customer. Sabastic Global is not responsible for any faulty given information regarding the lawfulness of the provided consent of the natural person.
  6. Technical and organizational measures.
  7. The Customer herewith declares that it has adopted the appropriate technical and organizational measures including, where applicable those under the GDPR.



  1. Term. The term of this Agreement (the “Term”) shall commence on the Effective Date and continue for the initial term selected by the Customer in the online registration process as specified in a Customer Order. Following its expiration, the Term will renew for successive terms equal to the initial term specified in the Customer Order, unless either party refuses such renewal by written notice to the other party 30 or more days before the renewal date.
  2. Termination for Cause. Either party may terminate this Agreement and any Customer Order if the other party: (i) fails to cure any material breach (including, without limitation, Customer’s failure to pay the Fees) of this Agreement within thirty (30) days after written notice of such breach; (ii) ceases operation without a successor; or (iii) seeks protection under any bankruptcy, receivership, trust deed, creditors arrangement, composition or comparable proceeding, or if any such proceeding is instituted against such party (and not dismissed within sixty (60) days thereafter). Sabastic Global may disable links and reporting and payment functionality with respect to Affiliates of Customer effective immediately in its sole discretion.
  3. Effects of Termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, Sabastic Global shall discontinue Customer’s access to the System and the Cloud Services and Customer shall cease all use of the System and the Cloud Services and shall promptly delete, destroy, or return all copies of the Documentation in its possession or control. The following provisions will survive termination or expiration of this Agreement: (a) any obligation of Customer to pay the Fees (unless the termination is by Customer for cause); (b) Articles and Sections 7 (IP & Feedback), 8 (Confidential Information), 9.3 (Warranty Disclaimers), 10 (Indemnification), 11 (Limitation of Liability) and 13 (Publicity); and (c) any other provision of this Agreement that must survive to fulfill its essential purpose.



In further consideration of the rights granted hereunder to Customer, Customer agrees to permit Sabastic Global to use Customer’s name and trademarks and service marks to identify Customer as a Sabastic Global’s customer on the Website, in Sabastic Global’s marketing materials and in other sales and marketing activities, provided that Customer does not notify Sabastic Global in writing of its revocation of such permission. Customer agrees to cooperate with Sabastic Global in reasonable publicity efforts involving the System, such as, for example, media releases and marketing materials in accordance with Sabastic Global’s reasonable request.